Yo – Du – She / Lui – Nous – 你们 – هم

June 16 - June 16, 2018


Saturday at 5PM

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Yo - Du - She / Lui - Nous - 你们 - هم
By John Jesurun in collaboration with Antonio Cerezo.

Yo - Du - She / Lui - Nous - 你们 - هم is project is the collaboration between director, writer and multimedia artist John Jesurun and the Mexican Berlin based theatre artist Antonio Cerezo.
The evening is the result of 5 weeks of research in the idea of multiple simultaneous identities within one person. Multidimensionality is now a major marker of the modern experience. In this work the actor is perhaps the most important dimension. For us, actor is the archive and living repository of the creative impulses including his own, the writer’s and the director’s. We are focusing on the actor as the explorer, explainer, inquisitor , provocateur, advocate, prosecutor and defendant in the case for and against the multiplicity of identities. Our work process will cover many aspects of the self. The actor will himself portray various points of view. Not only how he views the world but how the world views him. A bit like a person printing out versions of himself. Some will deal with an exterior view some with interior views. These views will include many forms of identity, the true and the false and the projected. Ideas will range from culture to nationality to gender to existential to spiritual.
This project is possible by the support of FONDO NACIONAL PARA LA CULTURA Y LAS ARTES - FONCA and La MaMa.

About the Artists

John Jesurun

John Jesurun is a playwright, director, designer living in New York. His presentations integrate elements of language, film, architectural space and media. His exploded narratives cover a wide range of themes and explore the relation of form to content. They challenge the experience of verbal, visual and intangible perceptions. His work is distinguished by his integrated creation of the text, direction, set and media design. In 1982 he began began his theatrical career at the Pyramid Club on the Lower East Side with his groundbreaking serial play “Chan in a void moon”, now in its 60th episode. (Bessie Award). Since 1984 he has written, directed and designed over 25 pieces including: the media trilogy of “Deep sleep” (1986 Obie Award, Best Play), “White water” and “Black Maria”, “Red house”, “Shatterhand massacre”, “Philoktetes”, “Everything that rises must converge” and “Snow” among others. His work has been produced and presented by numerous venues including La Mama, the Kitchen, the Walker Arts Center, On the Boards, Brooklyn Academy of Music, the Wexner Center, Kampnagel Theater, Prater Theater, National Theater of Mexico, Mickery Theater, Theater am Turm, Granada Festival, Eurokaz Zagreb, Bogota International Festival, Vienna Festival, Kyoto Performing Arts Center. He is the recipient of numerous grants including the: Rockefeller Foundation Playwrights Fellowship, Guggenheim Foundation Fellowship, National Endowment for the Arts Playwrights Fellowship, Foundation for Contemporary Arts Fellowship, MacArthur Fellowship, National Endowment for the Arts-Visual and Media Arts Fellowships, Asian Cultural Council, Rockefeller Multi-Arts Production, BAM/ Lucent Technologies Arts in Multimedia, MAP Fund. He has taught theater at Goethe University/ Frankfurt, Justus Liebig University/ Giessen, DASARTS/Amsterdam, New York University, Tokyo University, Kyoto University of Art and Design and the New School.

Antonio Cerezo

Born in Mexico City, Antonio Cerezo pursued his drama and acting studies at the National University of Mexico and in New York City (HB Studio). Since 1992 he has worked professionally as an actor in Mexico City, the United States and Europe. In Mexico he has performed in mainstream theatres as well as independent and alternative spaces. In New York at venues like La MaMa E.T.C., Lincoln Center, Mabou Mines, The Ohio Theater and St Ann’s Warehouse. Since 2007 he is based in Berlin Germany, where his work as an actor, director, author, puppeteer and choreographer has been seen in venues like: Berliner Festspiele, Theaterhaus Jena, Sophiasaele Berlin, Volksbühne Berlin, Thalia Theater Hamburg, Chamäleon Theater Berlin, Bethanien Kunsthaus, Ballhaus Ost Berlin, Schaubude Berlin, Kampnagel Hamburg. With his project “There’s no home like place” he got the grant “Intercultural projects 2016” by the Berlin Senate. He recently received the Mexican grant “Creadores escénicos con trayectoria 2018-2020” (Scenic creators with a carrier 2018-2020) from FONCA, National Funds for the Arts.