AdA: Author directing Author

October 16 - November 02, 2014



"The bad-boy playwrights return for another round, each presenting a short play on the subject of desire."
-  New York Times

Playwrights Neil LaBute and Marco Calvani reunite for the second ADA: Author Directing Author.LaBute and Calvani are both known for directing their own work. Here, each wrote a new play, on the theme of Desire, to be directed by the other.

2 Directors. 2 Playwrights. 2 New Plays.

by Neil LaBute

Directed by Marco Calvani
with Chris Henry Coffey and Jennifer Mudge

by Marco Calvani

Directed by Neil LaBute
with Phil Burke and Meredith Forlenza.
Translated by Bing Taylor


"Two truly professional playwright/directors, masters of their art, in an intriguing display of their talents. A must-see."
- Nick Russell, TheaterMania
"Author Directing Author is an innovative idea, and a smart way to celebrate the collaborative process... The perfect play for La MaMa."
- Marcina Zaccaria, Theater Pizzazz
"Both playwrights are known for their pitch-black views of human nature, [which] seemed to promise a Halloween-worthy orgy of creepy misanthropy. The entertaining results of this union turn out to be more delicate and complex."
- Ben Brantley, The New York Times (on ADA '12)