Amy Surratt’s FIRST AND LAST (show)

June 9, 2017 - June 18, 2017


The Club | 74A E 4th Street; 2nd Floor

Friday & Saturday at 9:30PM; Sunday at 6PM

$20 Adult Tickets; $15 Student/Seniors; Limited $10 Tickets

Written and Performed by Amy R. Surratt
Created in collaboration with Kristen Holfeuer, and Tosha Rachelle Taylor

Amy Surratt’s FIRST AND LAST (show) celebrates the struggle to come back to something you never really had. This first and final biomythography is told by the fictionally famous "Amy Surratt," a former reality t.v. child star --  giving her debut theatrical swan song. Surratt’s own genuine Appalachian roots emerge through the joining of poetic narrative, cultural pageantry, true stories, and good ol’ down-home lying. Beauty pageants, burnouts, and unfinished business combine in this tragicomic exploration of fractured identities and origins. Don’t worry, though, we got enough mason jars, bluegrass jams, rusted cars, and southern fried metatheatrics for everyone.

Home is where your hell is. Y’all come back now!

There’s a FIRST time for everything, including this hillbilly’s Famous LAST Words: “Watch This!”