"Explore what can happen when art & technology collide."

-Time Out New York

CultureHub is an incubator for creativity focused on the intersection of art and technology. We connect artists from diverse disciplines and cultures and provide them with environments in which to collaborate, experiment and explore. We serve local and global communities by providing an open space for creative research, artistic exchange and learning. CultureHub was founded in 2009 in partnership with La MaMa Experimental Theatre Club in New York City and the Seoul Institute of the Arts in Korea.

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Past CultureHub Events

55th Season (2016-2017)

CultureHub: Visions of the Future II

Organized by Alain Thibault (Artistic Director and Curator ELEKTRA Montreal) and Asher Remy-Toledo & Mark Bolotin (Co-Directors and Curators of Hyphen Hub, New York) | Co-presented with CultureHub ELEKTRA and Hyphen Hub join forces to bring you a night of extraordinary, immersive multimedia showcasing established and up-and-coming artists from Montreal and New York. The evening […]

CultureHub: Decoder 2017: The Soft Machine

One-night only work-in-progress presentation. Created and Directed by Mallory Catlett / Restless NYC | Co-presented with CultureHub With text by William S. Burroughs* Part noise concert, part Burroughs’ reading tour, Decoder 2017 is the latest work conceived and directed by OBIE winner Mallory Catlett. This cut-up of sound, word, and image is generated live by […]

CultureHub: 2016 ArtCade Con

ArtCade ConHosted by This Near Future | Co-presented with CultureHub CultureHub’s arcade series returns! Curated by a collection of the best videogame tastemakers in New York City, ArtCade Con (now in its second year) upgrades the arcades of yesteryear by showcasing the latest in nontraditional and independent videogames. We’ll have guest panelists discuss current issues […]


AXISby Gan Jian | Co-presented with CultureHub MACROCOSMby Cao Yuxi (James) | Co-presented with CultureHub AXIS + MACROCOSM by art collective AudioVisualVenue features two new works by Chinese artists Gan Jian and Cao Yuxi (James). AXIS + MACROCOSM is an immersive audiovisual installation/performance inspired by fractal patterns found in nature and the elemental forces of […]

54th Season (2015-2016)

Culturehub: Refest 2015

Three-day festival passes are available above by clickig BuyTicket . These passes will grant you entry into all of the events listed below. Individual event tickets can be found at the links listed below. Refest is CultureHub’s annual festival of work that intersects new media, performance, and technology. This year’s festival will explore the ways […]

Culturehub: Improvised Electronics Round Robin: Dark Circuits II

The Improvised Electronics Round Robin is a live audiovisual concert by tool builders, artists, and engineers. The performers will play short interlocking sets and then perform the Dark Circuits Light Orchestra score by electronic composer Hans Tammen. Featuring: Gocha Tzinadse, Sofy Yuditskaya, Josh Goldberg, Brendan Byrne, Alex Nathanson, Nick Fox Gieg, Jeff Donaldson, Gene Kogan, […]

CultureHub: ArtCade Con

The wildly popular ArtCade return to CultureHub this fall! Davis Cox of This Near Future hosts a refreshingly curated celebration that  demonstrates that the arcade isn’t an outdated idea, while also serving as an interactive gallery of digital art.  Featuring over 15 games hand-picked by top NYC games curators and organizations to showcase their unique […]

53rd Season (2014-2015)

Livestream: A Call for Solidarity

Young artists, poets, and emcees blend Hawaiian chants and Bomba Alaskan style with beat box. Livestreamed from CultureHub on

Artcade: Culturehub Season Launch Party

Join us for the Fall 2014 season kickoff party while we transform the CultureHub studio into an arcade. The evening is hosted and curated by This Near Future and will feature a selection of new, independent video games for people to play in a fun, social setting.