"Explore what can happen when art & technology collide."
-Time Out New York

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CultureHub was founded in 2009 in partnership with the Seoul Institute of the Arts in Korea and La MaMa Experimental Theatre Club in New York City to serve the global arts and technology community by offering services such as livestreaming, telepresence, and video and projection design. We connect artists from diverse disciplines and cultures and provide them with environments in which to collaborate, experiment, explore and advance the work of artists experimenting with emerging technologies and fostering new artistic forms.
CultureHub pushes the boundaries of artistic collaboration and experimentation as an incubator for creativity focused on the intersection of art and technology.  We serve local and global communities by providing an open space for creative research, artistic exchange and learning. 

Global Collaboration Highlights:

Digital Duets

May 2012

Digital Duets – a celebration of dance improvisation used telepresence technology to connect dancers, musicians, visualists and spoken word artists in real time. Collapsing distance and allowing for spontaneous real time collaborations across networked environments with performers in Seoul, at La MaMa in New York, and at Contact Theatre in the UK.

Seoul Counterpoint

April 2014

Seoul Counterpoint was remix artist and musician Paul D. Miller a.k.a. DJ Spooky’s audiovisual meditation on the landscapes of New York and Seoul. Equally inspired by Nam Jun Paik and John Cage, Seoul Counterpoint featured traditional Korean instruments, strings, and telematic performance between New York and Seoul.


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