Dance and Film 1960-80 Film Screenings

May 26, 2018 - May 27, 2018

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Part of La MaMa Moves! Dance Festival

Saturday & Sunday at 1PM

Free Admission

Location: Douglas Dunn Studio, 541 Broadway, Third Floor

Film Screenings
in partnership with DOCK 11 (Berlin, Germany) and the participation of Goethe Institute/NY
At Douglas Dunn Studio, 541 Broadway, Third Floor
Free Admission

This evening is dedicated to the film-choreographic experiments of the New York dance and film scene and follows the traces of the avantgarde movements from the early 60s to 80s. Films by Elaine Summers, Joan Jonas as well as by choreographer Yoshiko Chuma will be presented to audience. Films will include:

Elaine Summers |1973 | USA | 00:11:16

Filmed with an ultra high-speed camera, the original 3 minutes of encounter between two performers turn into a soft and stretched stream of movement that visualizes even smallest details.

Joan Jonas |1968 | USA | 00:05:37

Cutting between snowy fields and a raw seashore, Jonas focuses on a group of performers moving through a stark, windswept landscape. The 16mm film — silent, black and white, jerky and sped-up — evokes early cinema, while its content locates it in the spare minimalism of the late 1960s.

Joan Jonas | 1973 | USA | 00:18:35

Performing with a cast that includes Gordon Matta-Clark and Steve Paxton, Jonas choreographs a theater of space, movement and sound with the urban landscape of New York in a featured role. Jonas creates a highly original if enigmatic theatrical language of gesture and sound, as she and her performers play with emblematic props, unexpected rhythms of space and scale, references to painting, and audio delays.

Yoshiko Chuma | 1983 | USA | 00:03:48

Almost like an invisible spectator the camera captures the choreography of Five Car Pile Up from different perspectives. The relation between front credits, sound and varying velocity of recording make the show appear like a memory of the past in an empty space.

Yoshiko Chuma | 1982 | USA | 00:07:55

For Commercial Erruption Yoshiko Chuma acts on Andy Warhol’s idea of 15 minutes of fame and translates and exaggerates them into a 1980s time logic: the quarter of an hour turns into only 10 seconds that frame the numerous different protagonists’ options to present and merchandise themselves and their individual role models. The reference to advertising strategies of a culminating capitalism are both critical and ironic.

Yoshiko Chuma | 1982 | USA | 00:11:24

The performers of Splish Splash seem to reproduce the axial stop- and-go movements of the computer game Pacman in apparitional, partly repetitive movement patterns in different settings. The rapid and surreal visual language and the symbolic props create a cryptic commentary on facets of the entertainment industry.

Yoshiko Chuma | 1979 | USA | 00:18:00

First film by Yoshiko Chuma shows simple motions and actions in front of the landscape in Maine, USA.


Film screenings include DOCK 11/New York Traces and POOL 17/Films in Competition in partnership w/ DOCK 11 (Berlin, Germany) w/ the participation of Goethe Institute/NY