Consensual Relationships With Ghosts

March 24 - April 02, 2017

Friday and Saturday at 10pm; Sunday at 6pm

The Club | 74a East 4th Street (3rd Floor)


Written and Directed by Susana Cook | Sound Design by Julian Mesri

The real story of a king who was actually a queen, sent into exile, imprisoned in Athens and found 45 years later in Argentina at a tomb contest. After a frenetic chain of mutations, transitions and transformations, it is discovered that nobody is actually dead. We are all present somehow as a ghost in somebody else’s life. In this witty and funny magical realist play, Susana Cook redefines presence, the energy of the people who inhabit our lives, the ghosts of our past and the ones who are not present but still follow us everywhere.

About the Artists

Born in Argentina, Susana Cook is a New York based playwright, director and performer.Some of her latest shows are : Samanta Ibarrola, la mujer inexplicable, Conversations with Humans, We Are Caligula, The Funeral of the Cow, The Homophobes, The Fury of the Gods, Homeland Insecurities, The idiot King, The Values Horror Show, 100 Years of Attitude, Dykenstein, Hamletango, Prince of Butches, Gross National Product, Hot Tamale, Conga Guerrilla Forest, The Fraud, Butch Fashion Show in the Femme Auto Body Shop, Rats:The Fantasy of Extermination and Tango Lesbiango. Her work is archived at the Digital Video Library of The Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics of New York University.