Kids Workshop: Filipino Indigenous Dance

February 07



With Potri Ranka Manis | Founder and Artistic Director of  Kinding Sindaw

Learn and enjoy the dance movements from the epic, legends and myths of the ancestral Philippine Melayu Nusantara heritage. This workshop will transport the participants to experience these epic stories through hand gestures, footwork and colorful scarves. The workshop will be accompanied by musicians playing a musical instrument called sarunay.


About Kinding Sindaw

Kinding Sindaw Melayu Heritage is a non-profit dance theater organization based in NYC, founded in 1992 . Their  mission is to assert, reclaim, preserve , and re-create the legends, epics, myths and unwritten history of the Philippines. The dances of Kinding Sindaw originate from the royal court dances of the Maranao Sultanate - a repertory of the sacred, classic, and secular.