La MaMa Kids Online: Not Outside

May 21

Thursday at 4PM (EST)

Free Admission; Suggested Donation

Run Time: 20 Minutes

The main character of Not Outside is a sheep who loves big adventures, but unfortunately is unable to leave the house due to circumstances out of its control. Through boredom and with simple curiosity, the sheep begins to explore the things that are close by its daily space. 
The performance is in the style of Microscopic Live Cinema-Theatre, where the performer manipulates small characters who are magnified with video cameras. For La MaMa Kids, Nekaa Lab reworked this repertoire from 2011 into a 20 minutes children show, to be watched from home through live streaming performance.  

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"Timed for after school viewing!"


Special thanks to The Jim Henson Foundation for supporting our online puppetry programming.

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About the Artists

Concept, Sound Design, Visual Design by Nekaa Lab/Sachiyo Takahashi

Performed by Nekaa Lab/Sachiyo Takahashi

Sachiyo Takahashi is a composer, musician, and artist whose work centers around storytelling. Compositing sensory elements in a minimalist manner, she explores the border between narrative and abstraction to generate fables for the subconscious. Sachiyo founded Nekaa Lab in 2006 together with other “lab members” (stuffed toys and tiny figurines). She has been producing performances, installations and writings, while observing human nature from alternative perspectives.
Her recent work Everything Starts from a Dot was supported by The Jim Henson Foundation and premiered at La MaMa in 2018. She is currently developing a new work as a residence artist at HERE together with a master instrumentalist gamin. Sachiyo is also an accredited master of Okamoto school Shinnai-bushi, a traditional sung-storytelling from Japan and performs as Miya Okamoto.

About La MaMa Kids Online

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