Poetry Electric: Dickless

April 13


The Club | 74a East 4th Street (3rd Floor)


Written & Performed by Aisha Josiah

A headless cat and an incriminating photo begin an adrenaline-filled quest for revenge through the feminine underworld of small-town England. Narrated by Saff (who's on the run) and Oli (who should be), unfolds a tale of bizarre sexual conquests, graphic ultra violence and girls behaving monstrously.


About the Artist

Aisha Josiah (1)

Aisha Josiah is a playwright, screenwriter, producer and graduate of the Dramatic Writing program at Tisch School of the Arts, New York University. Her work includes Kindling (Etcetera Theatre), Lyle & Sephy Get Married  (Almeida Theatre Festival), Rain and My Father's Funeral (NYU). She is also a recipient of the 2009 North London Film Fund Award for her original screenplay, Welcome to Neverland. She has performed and directed theatre as part of the Young Friends of the Almeida, Pleasance Young Company and Globe Theatre education projects in London, and at the University of Ghana. In 2013, along with several other Tisch students, Aisha formed The One Trick Circus art collective. Today, their production company supports an international network of emerging artists in producing theatre, films and digital media content.