Coffeehouse Chronicles


Michal Gamily - Series Director 

Arthur Adair - Educational Outreach

Coffeehouse Chronicles is a free educational performance series exploring the history and development of Off-Off Broadway from its inception within the Village “Coffeehouse Theatres” of the 1960s through today. Part artist portrait, part creative event, part history lesson, part community forum, it is our mission to provide a home, as did our founder Ellen Stewart, for personal and intimate engagement with art. Since 2005 La MaMa has presented more than 123 Coffeehouse Chronicles featuring personal oral accounts from artists of the day as well as conversations with present day artists who continue to work in the same bold, daring manner. Coffeehouse Chronicles are held on one Saturday each month (September through June).

This program is supported, in part, by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the city council.

Winter 2016

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55th Season (2016-2017)

Coffeehouse Chronicles #138: Performing Arts Journal 40th Anniversary

Moderated by Frank Hentschker Participants: Annie-B. Parson, Lee Breuer, Maude Mitchell, Theodora Skipitares, Norman Frisch, Nicky Paraiso, Cammisa Buerhaus and John Jesurun Interview with Bonnie Marranca by Joseph Cermatori Joseph Cermatori has written on theatre and opera for the Village Voice, New York Times, Theater, and was formerly associate editor of PAJ: A Journal of Performance and […]

Coffeehouse Chronicles #137 : Target Margin Theater

Moderated by Rinne Groff Panelists: Purva Bedi | John Collins | Lenore Doxsee | David Herskovits | Eunice Wong | Performers: Will Badgett | David Eye |  Tigger Ferguson | Jesse Freedman | Rebecca Hart | Mary Neufeld | | Steven Ratazzi | David Rosenmeyer | Yuri Skujins | Stephanie Weeks | COMING SOON! About Target Margin Theater Now […]

Coffeehouse Chronicles #136: Theodora Skipitares

Moderated by JoAnne Akalaitis  Panelists: Andrea Balis, Claudia Orenstein and Jane Catherine Shaw  Part of the 2016 La MaMa Puppet Series   About Theodora Skipitares Theodora Skipitares is an interdisciplinary artist and theater director based in NewYork. Trained as a sculptor and theater designer, she began creating personal solo performances in the late 1970’s, which revolved […]

Coffeehouse Chronicles #139: HAIR 50th Anniversary

Curated by Michal Gamily Educational Outreach by Arthur Adair Moderated by Chris Kapp and Michal Gamily Join us, as we celebrate the 50th Anniversary of HAIR: The American Tribal Love Rock Musical with co-creator James Rado, composer Galt MacDermot, featuring members of the original Off-Broadway cast of 1967, Broadway cast of 1968, and the cast […]

54th Season (2015-2016)

Coffeehouse Chronicles #135 — Genji Ito

Spend an intimate afternoon celebrating the life and work of composer, Genji Ito. The event, moderated by George Ferencz, features panelists George Drance, Tavia Ito, Tim Schellenbaum, Virlana Tkacz, Zishan Ugurlu, and Marybeth Ward, with live performances by Shiela Dabney, Yukio Tsuji, Perry Yung, and screenings of archival material. Moderator: George  Ferencz Panel members: Zishan  Ugurlu, Virlana Tkacz, Marybeth Ward, Tavia […]

Coffeehouse Chronicles #134: Gabriel Berry — Costume Work 1979-1985

Featuring an introduction by TAYLOR MAC Discussion and Performance with BLACK-EYED SUSAN Discussions with GABRIEL BERRY featuring: Set and Costume Designer PAUL STEINBERG  CHING VALDES-ARAN LOLA PASHALINSKI MICHAEL ARIAN AUGUSTO MACHADO About the Artists GABRIEL BERRY was in a castle in Budapest (then a workers’ museum) overlooking the Danube when a voice spoke to her.”Go to […]

Coffeehouse Chronicles #133: John Kelly

Photo by Paula Court Join us in March to celebrate the artistic work of John Kelly with archival material, panelists, and live performances. Panelists include: John Jesurun, Kyle DeCamp, Nicky Paraiso, Carol Lipnik and Kevin Malony    Moderated by Lucy Sexton   About John Kelly John Kelly is a performance and visual artist. His performance works range […]

Coffeehouse Chronicles #132: Talking Band

Join us in March to celebrate the artistic work of Talking Band with archival material, panelists, and live performances. Moderated by Morgan Jenness Panelists: Tina Shepard, Ellen Maddow, Paul Zimet, Jack Wetherall, Harry Mann, Lizzie Olesker, Isaac Maddow-Zimet, and Anya Maddow-Zimet About the Artists The Talking Band has been making innovative and influential theater works in […]

Coffeehouse Chronicles #131: Mabou Mines

Panelists & Performers Include: – Genesis – Moderated by Bonnie Marranca Lee Breuer -Collaborative Hive Lee Breuer and Karen Kandel interviewed by Greg Mehrten -Panel discussion with Trick Saddle – Moderated by Jessica  Brater Live performance -a scene from Imagining the Imagine Invalid performed by Christianna Nelson and Clove Gallilee – Confederation of Warrior Ants — Moderated by […]

Coffeehouse Chronicles #130: Jim Neu

Curated by: Michal Gamily Moderator: Keith McDermott Panelists: Agosto Machado, Carol Mullins, Mary Shultz, & Roger Babb Performers: Deborah Auer, Black eyed Susan, Roger Babb, Catherine Galasso, Harry Mann, Keith McDermott, Mary Shultz Jim Neu’s work as a writer was an important part of Downtown New York theater since the late 1970s. In works ranging from […]

Coffeehouse Chronicles #129: Contemporary Puppet Theater

Curated by Michal Gamily Moderated by Cheryl Henson Participating artists include: | Ralph Lee | Roman Paska | Amy Trompetter| This event will examine contemporary puppet theatre from the 1970s to present.  Performers: Lake Simons Federico Restrepo, a scene from “Undefined  Fraction” Performed by Federico Restrepo, Ale Fips and Jose Rivera. Voice over by Denis Greber. Music by Tareke […]

Coffeehouse Chronicles #128: Dario D’Ambrosi & Teatro Patologico

Curator: Michal Gamily Moderator: James Levin  Panelists: Dario D’Ambrosi  Alessandra Belloni, Manuela Filiaci, Fabio Granato Performers: Dario D’Ambrosi and members of Teatro Patologico Screening material from previous shows of Dario D’Ambrosi and Teatro Patologico Coffeehouse Chronicles celebrates the 35th Anniversary of Teatro Patologico Teatro Patologico was founded by Dario D’Ambrosi, one of Italy’s most distinguished […]

53rd Season (2014-2015)

Coffeehouse #127: Kinding Sindaw

Make Reservations Curator: Michal Gamily | Moderator: Anne Berryl Corotan Naguit When: Saturday, June 13rd, 2015 at 3:00pm – 5:00pm Reservations & Info: 212.475.7710 | 646.430.5374 | ADMISSION IS FREE The dances of Kinding Sindaw originate from the royal court dances of the Maranao Sultanate- a repertory of the sacred, classic, and secular combining grace and vigor, dances […]

Coffeehouse #126: Tadeusz Kantor

Free panel, performance & screenings on the work of Tadeusz Kantor, Polish avant-garde theater director. Part of The Coffeehouse Chronicles series.

Coffeehouse #124 – Ping Chong

Curator: Michal Gamily Moderator: Victoria Abrash Panel: Ping Chong, Alvin Eng, Talvin Wilks Performer: Moriamo Akibu   About Ping Chong Ping Chong is an internationally acclaimed theatre artist and pioneer in the use of media in the theater. Since 1972, he has created over 90 works for the stage which have been presented at major festivals […]

Coffeehouse #123 – Edgar Oliver

Coffeehouse Chronicles is a free, interactive, educational series exploring the history and development of Off-Off Broadway from its inception within the Village “Coffeehouse Theatres” of the 1960’s through today.

Coffeehouse #122 – Yara Arts Group

Celebrating 25 years of Yara Arts Group as resident company of La MaMa E.T.C. With live performances from Yara’s past shows, archival material and video.

Coffeehouse #121 – Split Britches

Curator: Michal Gamily / Moderator: Alisa Solomon Panelists: Peggy Shaw, Lois Weaver, Moe Angeles Performers: Ariel “Speedwagon” Federow & Katie Goldstein (Man Meat Collective) About Split Britches Split Britches was co-founded by Peggy Shaw and Lois Weaver with Deb Margolin, in 1981. Their collection of scripts, Split Britches Feminist Performance/Lesbian Practice, edited by Sue Ellen Case, […]