Experiments: Suzanne

October 28

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La MaMa Galleria | 47 Great Jones St.

Monday at 7PM

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Written by Alexander Paris

A transdimensional wonderland explodes into Suzanne's trailer after she passes away in her living room at 48. Her mother, her sisters, herself multiplied, Marilyn Monroe, George Clinton, Romy and Michele, in and out of time make visit to her home. Her son, visiting from the Big City, lays witness to Suzanne's entire universe of understanding over the course of an evening. "Suzanne" is a fabulist autofiction of the time that Alexander Paris spent with his mom in hospice at her home in Arizona, and an attempt at the encapsulation of her life and the history of their relationship through art and culture.

About the Artists

Alexander Paris is a queer mixed black multidisciplinary playwright and performer who grew up in the small town of Bisbee, Arizona. They were raised on a film diet of Ken Russell's Tommy, Priscilla Queen of the Desert, Akira, B Horror movies, and camp films like Show Girls. The work that they make reflects that. Last year they had artistic fellowships with Clubbed Thumb and The Performance Project at University Settlement. Their play Girls on Film was presented as a reading at The Wild Project for Summerworks '19 and their play Cancer Cancer Cancer was shown as a full production for ANT Fest 2018. Most recently they created work for Prelude 2019. They can often be found doing stand-up and performance art or performing for others at various spaces around the city. Some favorite works to have acted in: Lorelei Ramirez's "Pervert Everything" (Adult Swim) "Wheelchair" by Will Arbery (Dixon Place) "the feels...(KMS)" by Jeremy O. Harris (The New Ohio) For more: @paristextus on Instagram