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Experiments 17: The Future on Stage

This season the Experiments Play Reading series focuses on playwrights committed to dramatizing the rapidly evolving and future ways we relate to one another. Whether it be a break up through text message or falling in love with someone's avatar, these very real and emotionally powerful moments in our lives are increasingly played out in a virtual world and are rarely successfully staged. Every month, we will hear a play in development from a diverse group of playwrights with equally diverse views of our future. Some of these works are pure science fiction set in the distant future while others are grounded in today's struggles with relationship and technology, but regardless of where on the timeline these plays take place, all have the exciting and difficult challenge of using a medium that has been around for millennia to express the current and future human condition in a vibrant and effective way.
For the past 17 years, the Experiments play reading series has provided a forum for talented playwrights to continue their creative process. The Monday evening readings at La MaMa Galleria give playwrights the opportunity to hear their developing plays read by professional actors and to receive valuable audience feedback. Experiments remains a playwright­ driven service that is free to attend, but it has been reimagined for this season. The program is now organized around shifting themes and curators, which allows a larger, underserved theater community to experience a greater diversity of programming.


NEXT SEASON | Experiments 18: Parts for Meryl Streep

As the title suggests, The 18th season of Experiments Play Reading Series is focused on playwrights whose work features a dynamic leading character worthy of the "best actress of her generation." Although we are sure Ms.Streep would masterfully bring to life any of these parts, our mission is to select work based on the themes Meryl has championed throughout her career; empathy, diversity and activism. Using these pillars as our guide, each month, La MaMa's Experiments 18 will showcase a play centered around a strong and inspiring lead character who can be of any ethnicity, religion, gender identity, national origin, disability and sexual orientation.
E-mail New Play Submissions to LaMaMaExperiments@gmail.com for consideration! Please submit scripts in PDF format.
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