1. Its sequel, “Metro: Last Light,” released in 2012, has also sold
    740,000 combined units on the PC, XBox 360 and Play – Station 3.

    Although the two Timothy Dalton Bond films are no different in tone, intrigue or action from their predecessors, they are
    generally regarded as both inferior and the final nails in the coffin for
    the franchise, for myriad reasons. These are the only two browsers
    that are almost guaranteed another five years of life, at least.

  2. Techland’s upcoming first-person survival game, Dying Light, will drop gamers in the middle of a zombie-infested city
    where they must traverse an open world teeming with the undead in an effort to scavenge supplies
    and weapons. Useful for shooting down harriers when all you have is a Light Machine
    Gun, but most of the time you shouldn’t be in the open when enemy air support is
    present. My conscious perception of myself was now trapped in my own stomach.

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